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A Refreshing View of Multidimensional Explorations

Sculpture from Brazilian Mahogany wood by fine artist Thomas Haney titled Ahead

This page and the Gallery link include only Thomas Haney's abstracts. If you are ready to view fine art without any fig leaves then use the Complete Gallery link.

Painting of abstract shapes including a red ribbon, blue spheres, and a 3-D matt in acrylic on card by painter Thomas Haney
Mixed media abstract sculpture with a matte acrylic finish by sculptor Thomas Haney titled Currents

Welcome to the web art gallery for Virginia fine artist Thomas Haney. The art work displayed here has unique style, called phantasmagorical by the artist, also described as curvilinear, surrealistic, modern, abstract, and or photorealistic. Some pieces resemble style names more than others. As you explore the fantastic imagery of this online fine art gallery you will discover for yourself Thomas Haney's style. All the art has his signature of the interlocking TH. Attention to detail, perspective, and exquisite smooth finishes characterize his fine art work. His original art work includes the original painting, sculpture, and digital paintings. Media are acrylic paint, colored pencil, card instead of canvas, mixed media, wood, bronze, plaster, and clear acrylic Plexiglass. All art work in the gallery is for sale

Pictured here from the top are: Ahead a sculpture of Brazilian Mahogany wood.
Currents a mixed media sculpture.
Abstract an acrylic painting on card.

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